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Mature content
Chat Noir x Reader: one shot :iconprincessalliii:princessalliii 108 29
I Lied... Armin x Reader (fluff/romance)
"Nnnn!" You gritted your teeth in frustration, "NNNGGHH!" Your arm stretched to its extent, reaching up with all your might. The shelf above was just out of reach. Your fingertips scraped against the spine of the ancient brown book above you, but though you strained, you could not get it down; it was firm and snug against the others on the shelf. "Gah!" You puffed in anger, clenching your fists. Why did the books you wanted from the scouts' library always have to be on the higher shelves!?
"AH!" You jumped, startled when a large, pale hand suddenly appeared in front of your face, and you could feel someone's chest on your back. The hand grabbed the book you wanted and brought it down. You turned around with your hand on your chest, still a little jumpy. "Oh, phew...Armin, it's just you."
"H-here ya go (Name)," There stood your old friend. Over the years his dorky, bowl-like haircut had grown out into long soft tresses, and some strands hung in his face. He blushed, cracking a crooked,
:icondimantesreign:DimantesReign 75 23
Cuddling. || Hibiya Amamiya. ||
It was a warm Saturday morning when a wave of shivers was sent through _'s spine, everyone went out shopping but her and another person in the house who went by the name Hibiya. Shrugging off the feeling she made her way to the kitchen to get a snack, she opened the freezer and pulled out a little packet Ice cream and began walking back to her room when suddenly everything seem to began spinning. "W-Wha..." She shook her head before slowly trying her best to get back to her room.. Maybe it's the heat getting to her? She was half way down the hall when she nearly slipped causing a loud thud to be heard throughout the hallway. 
"What the hell was that..!?" A small male voice called out as a brown haired boy peaked out into the hall from his slightly shut room door, there laying flat down in the hall was _, her cheeks looked bright red and flushed causing his eyes to widen. 'What the-- What is she doing down there..!?' He thought as he
:iconsapphireharuka:sapphireharuka 110 62
GarryxReader: Good Dream
You blinked. A tangle of vibrant colors greeted your sight. You blinked again. What had you just been doing? You couldn’t really remember. Maybe you had blanked out.
You stared at the large, wall-wide painting in front of you, slightly puzzled as to why it didn’t have a guard rope in front of it.
It was a giant mess of all colors; swishing together in a sea of shapes and lines. You glanced at the label underneath the painting. ‘Fabricated World’ it read.
It was strange, as were all of Guertena’s works, but something about it was mysterious and luring. You didn’t know how the artist did it, but it was still stunning. Weird…but unique. Well played, Guertena. Well played.
You turned to walk to the next piece, spotting a young girl next to you. She was probably around nine or eight, with strait, chocolate brown hair and burgundy eyes. She looked rather adorable in her red and white outfit that reminded you of a school uniform. The girl looked up a
:iconidreamincolor14:iDreaminColor14 322 70
Chapped Lips. ||Garry||
¢нαρρє∂ ℓιρѕ
Reader x Garry
(your name) gave out an irritated sigh as you rubbed your lips together once more, this was the third time you had put chap-stick on yet your lips still were not even close to being soft or normal feeling. You plopped down onto your couch and huffed out as you crossed your arms together, as you did a group of two walked in and smiled at her.
It was your friends Ib and Garry, you had met them in a /horrible/ incident that had happened in a art gallery almost a year ago. They normally came over and had snacks together, today was like no other as you stood and walked over to greet them and welcome them in. "Hey guys, come on in~ I'll have the macaroons ready in a sec." You announced before heading off into your kitchen and towards the oven where your baked treats are.
~Ten minutes later.~
A dinging noise snapped you out of your daydream as you opened up the oven the warm and sweet scen
:iconsapphireharuka:sapphireharuka 121 24
Jin (Samurai Champloo)x Reader 'Sexy Liberarian'
You curse as you run toward the library, the sun is only halfway down and it was still light out. But while others enjoyed it while it was still out and resonably warm out. Your heart in pounding with exhaustion and nervousnes as you run, the liberary is almost closed, and you need to return this damn book. No big deal you'd normally think, but only with this, it was more of a personal reason why you need to get it in now. For days on end the librarian has been constantly reminding you about this one book, and with each reminder his tone gets more and more sour. This naturally upsets you, thinking that you could walts in and do whatever, take whatever and not bring it back. It's like asking to borrow a pencil and not returning, although that's a matter that is less so serious.
As you approch the double doors that showed the inside of the library, you see that the lights are still on. With hope that you arn't to late, you push the door open. Only to see that the lights were dim, meaning
:iconviolentviolet12:violentviolet12 73 8
Mature content
Jungkook X Reader - Noona ~ (Part 3 - Final) :iconfurytigresse:FuryTigresse 16 5
Mature content
Jungkook X Reader - Noona ~ (Part 2) :iconfurytigresse:FuryTigresse 17 3
Mature content
Jungkook X Reader - Noona ~ (Part 1) :iconfurytigresse:FuryTigresse 22 9
Heartbeat *BTS / Taehyung*
Heartbeat 💦
  "Big Bang's comeback has brought in media coverage like no other, and is said to be the biggest, bigger than the come back of Jinusean..." The TV blared loudly. My close friend, Nicole, was suddenly up and her eyes literally turned to hearts at the mention of Big Bang. GDragon, or to her Jiyong, popped on screen and I i watched her melt into a puddle of pure sincerity.
  "Wow she must be very in love with Jiyong." Taehyung chuckled lightly, which I could feel since my body was resting on his. I shook my head and raised my eyes to face him.
  "No no, love is an understatement at this point Tae." I mumbled. Taehyung scrunched his nose like a cute little puppy and squeezed me tightly to his body.
  "I hope your love for me is the same Jagi." He snuggled his little head into the crook of my neck, making me giggle like a school girl on a Friday afternoon with her super gorgeous boyfriend.  
  "Aish! Tae, I'm wounded that you would actually
:iconshyorihamada:shyorihamada 22 5
{Ren x reader} Cake and kisses
((If you don't know who Ren or NU'EST is, then look them up! They are the silliest group of boys that you'll ever see! Plus, they are uber duber talented! Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this x reader! (。◝‿◜。) ))
   You sighed as you grabbed the tray of half-eaten food with one hand and held it against your hip, pushing a strand of (h/c) behind your ear with the other. You were currently working overtime at the exhaustingly busy cafe/book store. For a boring place, it was always was occupied with squealing fan-girls since it was a hot-spot for popular k-pop bands to come and visit. It seemed like a good place to work when you were searching, not knowing of its popularity, and now you were stuck dealing with wild girls that thought every hot looking male was a super star. You grumbled at the last time you had to deal with that and continued with your work.
   You pushed through a small group of girls that were rude enough t
:iconxalath:Xalath 119 12
Mature content
Jungkook X Reader - I want to be your oppa :iconfurytigresse:FuryTigresse 70 21
[Noodles] Jungkook x Reader
You could remember the day you met Jeongguk incredibly clearly, as if it were yesterday.
You sat in the outdoor section of the little noodle café you always went to, when you heard horrible sounding screaming from up the street. Panicked, you stood up and went to go look at what had happened, to see if you could help. What you saw had been the start to what changed your life forever.

Too dramatic? You were a bit bored at the moment, not too interested in the wall you were staring at. You had checked all of your social networks, played all of the games on your phone, and it was almost lunch time. The Bangtan boys were recording the melody to one of their new songs, and they have been in there for the longest time.
You saw four screaming, prepubescent girls attacking a young couple with notepads and pens. For some reason, the female seemed to be the one acting as a sort of wall, and the girls seemed to only be interested in the male. You had no idea who they were attacking
:iconghost-paladin:Ghost-Paladin 102 11
Romano X Reader ~ From Afar
Romano X Reader ~ From Afar
Lovino always watched you from afar. Always wishing you would notice him, and not his stupid fratello. You and Feliciano were the best of friends, always spending time together. But, you barely ever looked twice at him, you only had eyes for Feliciano. So, Lovino assumed you were in love with his brother. One day when he got home, Lovino walked through the door to see you sitting on the couch, alone. And there was no sound of the bubbly fratello in the house.
"Where's stupid fratello?" he asked closing the door. You turned and smirked at him
"Well hello there to you too Lovino." you say sarcastically. Lovino tried hard not to smile, and you didn't notice. You stood up and started walking over to him. "Feliciano is out at the store buying some things." You placed your hands on your hips, "And he's not stupid."
"Whatever." Lovino said taking his jacket off and lazily putting it on the coat rack. When you thought he wasn't looking, you rubbed your nose slightly
:iconmsdeaththekid:MsDeathTheKid 142 52
Bambam (Got7) x Reader: Body Heat
                         "Wow, I thought we'd make it back before the rain started," Bambam laughed, partially out of breath, running his fingers back through his hair as he dripped water onto the dorm carpet.
                          "S-so did I," you managed to smile back at him even though you were frozen. The forecast hadn't called for rain today so you'd worn a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, which you were severely regretting now. Half way back to your boyfriends dorm it started to pour, so the two of you were completely drenched.
                        Running your hands up and down your arms you tried to warm yourself up. You were shivering so bad you could imagine yourself as one of those weird little twitchy lap dogs that had to wear a ridiculous sweater all the time. While you were lost i
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 100 6
Study HiroxReader
So This is my first Fan Fiction, I'm a little nervous about how it will turn out but I hope you all enjoy it! Let me also just say, please forgive me if there are any errors.  (Hiro will be 14 as he is in the movie, and the read is around 16, just to give you an idea.)

You were sitting down at a table in the Lucky Cat Café. Your textbooks were on your left side, in front of you was your old laptop,  and on your right side was a cup of tea. You had always gone to the Lucky Cat since you were little, because you loved Aunt Cass’ cooking and her warm yet crazy personality. You always thought it was nice how she could remember all her regular costumers’ names.
Aunt Cass would walk by to check on you. “How’s your homework going (y/n)! Do you want any sweets? I know you love those Macaroons.”
"No, I'm fine, thanks Aunt Cass." A soft beam radiated on your cheeks as you peered over your laptop and watched her walk away to care for another cu
:iconchibiraere:ChibiRaeRe 158 49



Alyssa Walsh
United States
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Favourite style of art: anime
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Favourite cartoon character: Lance Corporal Levi

Even though I've been a member for so many years I never really put in any effort for my profile. I have a multifandom blog I run.
So pretty exciting news. After being on here for about 5 years I finally decided to submit something. I'm going to be writing a story! I've never done anything like this before so its probably gonna suck but I'm actually doing it! It's going to be a reader insert. Now I'm a terrible writer, so this might take a while to actually put together. Even so I'm pretty excited about it! If someone told me I'd actually be writing a story, I'd laugh in their faces. I know this may not seem like a big deal, but if you knew me you'd know this is a huge deal. Well that's all for now, I'm off to write my story
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